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bullet07011 The Cellist.jpg
bullet07012 Santa Claus 1986.jpg
bullet07014 The Fiddler.jpg
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bullet07061 Balloon Clown.jpg
bullet07065 The Carousel.jpg
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bullet07079 Madame Harp.jpg
bullet07081 Madam Lyre.jpg
bullet07083 Spotlight Clown Banjo.jpg
bullet07084 Spotlight Clown Trombone.jpg
bullet07085 Spotlight Bingo.jpg
bullet07087 Spotlight Clown Bass.jpg
bullet07089 Ice Cream Vendor.jpg
bullet07091 Clockpost Willie.jpg
bullet07092 Santa Claus 1989.jpg
bullet07094 The Grand Carousel.jpg
bullet07097 Santa Claus 1990.jpg
bullet07131 Blacksmith.jpg
bullet07132 Woodchopper.jpg
bullet07134 Hunter.jpg
bullet07136 Little John.jpg
bullet07135 Robin Hood.jpg
bullet07141 Clockpost Clown.jpg
bullet07143 Victoria Park Carousel.jpg
bullet07146 Santa Claus 1991.jpg
bullet07150 Golden Mountain Clock.jpg
bullet07151 Santa Claus 1992.jpg
bullet07152 Amazing Willie.jpg
bullet07153 Dockside Willie.jpg
bullet07154 Wild West Willie.jpg
bullet07161 Santa Claus 1993 CocaCola.jpg
bullet07165 The Artist.jpg
bullet07167 South of the Border.jpg
bullet07169 Day's End Alarm.jpg
bullet07170 Willie the Collector.jpg
bullet07171 When I Grow Up.jpg
bullet07172 Campfire Cowboy.jpg
bullet07173 Blue Danube Carousel.jpg
bullet07174 1994 Santa.jpg
bullet07175 Smooth Sailing.jpg
bullet07177 The Longest Drive.jpg
bullet07178 Happy Birthday Willie.jpg
bullet07192 Willie the Yodeler.jpg
bullet07194 Coca Cola Norman Rockwell.jpg
bullet07195 1995 Santa Claus.jpg
bullet07199 Willie the Entertainer.jpg
bullet07209 Willie the Champion.jpg
bullet07210 Clockpost Yodeler.jpg
bullet07211 Willie the Photographer.jpg
bullet07212 Willie on Parade Trumpet.jpg
bullet07213 Willie on Parade Sousaphone.jpg
bullet07214 Willie on Parade-Drum.jpg
bullet07215 Willie on Parade Trombone.jpg
bullet07217 Santa Claus 1997.jpg
bullet07220 Wedding Couple Painted.jpg
bullet07221 Willie the Wanderer.jpg
bullet07222 Santa Claus 1998.jpg
bullet07230 S S Circus Balancing Dog.jpg
bullet07231 S S Circus Juggling.jpg
bullet07232 S S Circus Accordian.jpg
bullet07233 S S Circus Clarinet.jpg
bullet07239 Just for You.jpg
bullet07240 Cheers.jpg
bullet07241 Willie the Hunter.jpg
bullet07242 Clockpost Clown.jpg
bullet07243 1999 Santa Claus.jpg
bullet07244 2000 Santa Claus.jpg
bullet07246 Railroad Car Willie.jpg
bullet07250 Deluxe Carousel.jpg
bullet07251 2001 Santa Claus.jpg
bullet07252 Fireman Willie.jpg
bullet07253 Clockpost Santa 2001.jpg
bullet07254 Chatanooga Choo Choo Clock.jpg
bullet07255 2002 Santa.jpg
bullet07256 Caroler Clock.jpg
bullet07257 Ballpark Willie.jpg
bullet07261 angel with Lyre.jpg
bullet2003 Santa 002.jpg
bullet07272 2005 Santa Claus.jpg
bullet07276 Yachtsman Willie.JPG
bullet07277 2007 Santa.jpg
bullet07278 Clockpost Mexican Willie.JPG
bullet07306 Willie Sez.jpg
bullet07308 Nocturne.jpg
bullet07309 Y2K Willie.jpg
bullet07310 Willie the Rider.jpg
bullet07311 Railroad Station Willie.jpg
bullet07312 On the Road Again.jpg
bullet07313 Willie the Trumpeter.jpg
bullet07314 Willie the Hobo1.jpg
bullet07315 Willie the Artist2.jpg
bullet07316 Baseball Willie.jpg
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